Claim Preparation

Did you know that your insurance policy may offer coverage for the entire process of claim preparation?

Free Claims Consultation

Allow us the opportunity to provide a free claims consultation to see if this coverage exists within your policy.

We focus on the client, offering claims preparation as a neutral third-party, with your business at the forefront.

Our expert, licensed and bonded claims professionals will document analyze and create the most accurate and cost-effective maximized resolution to your claim.

The Aftermath Consulting Difference

Our team specializes in policy interpretation, mitigation, construction, and complete claim preparation. We are nationally recognized experts with trial and testimony experience, and a proven track-record of success.

Our experts have formerly represented some of the largest insurance and mitigation companies in the world, and handled many large-loss insurance claims from start to finish. We know why they are saying no, and how to make them say yes.

As we start our process with policy interpretation, our report generation is based on fact, allowing us to work together with insurance company representatives rather than against one another.

ACG, LLC maintain a high level of professionalism with insurance company representatives, experts, engineers and their consultants, ultimately leading to a maximized and expedited resolution of your claim. We enforce compliance with all industry standards, practices, protocols and policies consistent with each states department of insurance regulations. ACG, LLC specializes in large loss insurance claims.

Specialty Certifications and Services

  • Licensed Agents and Adjusters
  • Licensed Executive General Adjusters (EGA)
  • Licensed Flood Adjusters
  • HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors (HCRI)
  • Large Loss and Catastrophe Management Adjusters
  • OSHA Safety Compliance Officials
  • Active Shooter Preparation Courses
  • Forensic Engineers and Architects
  • Certified Mitigation Experts (IICRC)
  • Specialty Trade Experts
    • Master Electricians
    • Commercial Certified HVAC and Chiller
    • Master Plumber
    • Commercial Construction Consultants

Standards of Service

We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded Claims Professionals

We are Large Loss Specialists

We are Client Focused

Have you already started a claim?

No problem! Team strategy is a must during large loss events. We collaborate with clients existing vendors and third parties during reconstruction. ACG, LLC utilizes military standards to adapt and overcome – we understand the chain of command.