Emergency Management Consulting

We offer expedited and thorough Emergency Management Consulting solutions, including preparation and filing of project plans and grants.

Damage Descriptions and Dimensions, (DDD) Statement of Work (SOW), and HazardMitigation Proposal (HMP)

Our experienced field technicians will carefully assess damages to all assets, itemize a scope of work for rehabilitation and identify opportunities to mitigate future similar damage.  By implementing these processes, our team develops cost estimates supported by material and labor costs, equipment and general conditions needed to execute various projects.  Natural Hazard Resistant codes and compliance with current standard minimum building codes meeting eligibility are also incorporated.

Our professional loss consultants can help by:

  • Identify eligible assets and damage
  • Perform detailed Insurance Review to ensure no duplication of benefits
  • Assess, measure and quantify disaster related damage
  • Collaborate with local, state and federal personnel for processing of grant applications

“Every business decision ACG makes will directly reflect what’s best for your business, not mine. We understand what it truly means to be a client and not just a customer.” – Michael Fried, President ACG, LLC

Project Formulation Process

In formulating cost estimates and grant applications, our team – collaborating with local, state or facility staff – identify all assets, create a logistical plan of action for field technicians and execute damage assessments and cost estimating on timelines and schedules agreed upon with our clients.  Review of pertinent insurance claim documents, identification of non-covered losses and Public Assistance eligibility are then strategically incorporated in our processes.

Municipal disaster recovery involves a complex orchestration of local, state and federal resources to expeditiously begin reconstruction.

We examine property losses for commercial, industrial and multi-family clients. A large loss claim is complex, and thorough analysis from our experienced adjusters can uncover details to your benefit.