Multi-Family and HOA

Claims handling on multi-family (apartment complexes) and/or HOA ran condominium associations have many moving parts. ACG specializes in complex and large loss management from obtaining consultants, adjusters and engineers to estimating the value of the loss tailored to your coverage.

Home Owners Associations (HOA)

We strategize with the board of directors tailored to the policies in place and specific to the damages documented. ACG focuses on educating it’s clients to become more savvy claimants in an effort to expedite and maximize the greatest financial results. To expedite settlement:

  • We interpret the bylaws and/or condominium declarations
  • We segregate all damages specific to coverage and bylaws
  • We offer free policy review

e.g. Your bylaws may only afford coverage for roofing, siding and gutters despite additional damages being sustained to AC units, windows or patios.

“Every business decision ACG makes will directly reflect what’s best for your business, not mine. We understand what it truly means to be a client and not just a customer.” – Michael Fried, President ACG, LLC

Multi-Family & Apartment Complexes

Management Companies are the backbone of operating multi-family residential structures successfully.  Having a great management company who is teamed up with experts during the event of a loss can significantly increase the rate of success.

Forensic Weather Data

For weather-related events, our team will allocate forensic weather data specific to your location and immediately dispatch a team to evaluate and estimate the maximized amount of loss.

Severe Fire and Water Damage

For severe losses such as fire or water damage, no one can achieve greater results more quickly than our emergency response team (ERT). All of ACG’s consultants are IICRC certified for fire, water and mold restoration. Our industry experience guarantees unchallengeable results.

How does ACG handle a large-loss claim?

We examine property losses for commercial, industrial and multi-family clients. A large loss claim is complex, and thorough analysis from our experienced adjusters can uncover details to your benefit.