Commercial and Municipal Facilities

Large medical, educational and spiritual facilities are often underwritten by private insurers. These private insurance policies may offer a broader form of coverage.

ACG works with national restoration companies that help maintain continuous operations during a loss event. We work with:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Testing
  • Churches
  • Retirement Homes
  • Laboratories

Operational Continuity

We assist in scheduling mobile trailer units for schools and churches, and schedule construction with temporary walls to redirect traffic during repairs. Operational continuity may include:

  • Redirection of operations –
    • Temporary walls
    • Additional entrances
  • Mobile classrooms – fully functional with heating and cooling
  • Acquire temporary locations for worship
  • Temporary operations at nearby facilities
  • Mobile triage for medical facilities

ACG Case: Auto Facility Sprinkler System Riser Failure

What made this claim complex is that the primary damage was to the showroom. The insurer of the autos only afforded coverage if the autos remained on-site. However, due to limited storage for autos outside of the showroom the restoration could not be conducted promptly. ACG aided in facilitating a large warehouse nearby, while working in conjunction with the insurance company to ensure :

  • security measures were taken
  • insurance could be provided off-site and during transportation
  • reduce the amount of business interruption during the period of restoration
  • a maximized and expedited claim settlement

Operational continuity is often times the most valuable strategy that we can offer.

Business Interruption

Losses specific to these types of organizations are often times more complex in nature due to the potential for business interruption. Whether it be medical, health safety concerns, Sunday church service or damage during the school year, ACG has strategies in place to help avoid the interruption of your business while managing and expediting your insurance claims.

We examine property losses for commercial, industrial and multi-family clients. A large loss claim is complex, and thorough analysis from our experienced adjusters can uncover details to your benefit.